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Tower Type
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In the parking area of plane layout, vehicle is transported by elevation of lift and plane shuttle operation of cart, and it is generally called as cart type.
Cart Type
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It is designed that vehicle is moved by up and down movement of lift and plane shuttle movement of transporter(cart) to the parking area which is arranged as plane type.
Multy-Layer Circulation
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When vehicle is entering into parking section designed in multiple floors, the lift in both end portions is elevating the pallet vertically and circulating it horizontally to park the vehicle.
Rotary Type
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It is designed that enter the vehicle to parking section(cage) and the cage is circulating from side to side vertically to park the vehicle. It is generally called as mini rotary.
24 hours
Control Center
We provide the best service kindly and accurately.
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To stable management of parking facilities, we inspect and repair componentry regularly.
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A/S network
Inconvenience will be solved quickly and accurately through the country.
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New parking facility will be installed in the existing building.
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We will response rapidly
your online inquiry.
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